Offenses Against the Gods

  1. To steal from the temples of Set merits death
  2. None may put another into bondage or servitude against their wishes, or preclude from worshipping gods of their choice
  3. If a judge cannot bring order to a case where the law is in dispute the dispute will be settled by Set
  4. The Trial of the Serpent will be conducted on a temple day with a large serpent facing the accused
  5. Interfering with the will of Set will result in the greater death


  1. If any bring an accusation of capital crime to the elders under false pretenses then the accuser shall be put to death
  2. If a judge render false or unwise judgement then the punishment will be returned to the judge twelve-fold
  3. Let those who suffer the least death be ejected from the gaze of Set and all civilized lands.
  4. Let those who suffer the less death be struck with a single blow of mortal intent by one designated by Set or be exiled to the lethal desert
  5. Let those who suffer death be extinguished with honor by submersion until a priest confirms they are no more
  6. Let those who suffer the greater death by killed in a dishonorable manner, their corpse burned, and half of their assets sized by the Temple
  7. Dispensation of the greatest death is reserved for Set
  8. If a pagan or a foreigner suffer a punishment let it be twice increased in severity, once increased for a free man, once decreased for a chosen and twice decreased for the elect

Hospitality and Diplomacy

  1. Hospitality is of utmost importance

Commerce and Governance

  1. For any law or laws the empress may set the fines and penalties to be of a higher or lower proportion than that which is written
  2. Each year those who hold books and scrolls in private shall pay 1 ox for each such to the Temple of Set
  3. Let each work composed by a single author in a time no greater than one year account for each book, and those who by contrivance attempt to combine books be put to the Trial of the Serpent