Storms sweep in from the north, forcing refuge on far-travelers. The world reduced to rain-sluiced streets and city walls, yet contained within a whole new realm opens up to the people of Aimilus. Esoteric cults invoke potent spirits, nomadic firedancers share secrets for a price, and the wealth of the merchants of the Margaritifer provide OPPORTUNITIES IN THE OCHRE CITY

Staying a season at Aimilus opportunities abound to make practical gains on the knowledge you have encountered. Once established you have time for five efforts after your essentials are established, although some take greater dedications of time.

Learn a language from tutor for 100gp (Ophidian, Alcheran, Xanthain, Vintonian)1
Training - increase an ability score currently below 15 by 1 for 300 gp1,3*
Work for Fontus the Oozemancer1-4
Study under the firedancers2-3
Gather rumors or research1
Minor project1
Major project3

Training increases an ability score below 15 by 1. This takes 1 fortnight for the first score, and 3 fortnights to continue intensive training during the season

Alongside this you now have time to reflect on the lore encountered so far, and can gain new abilities.

Secrets of the Mystic Smiths learn Construction 0 (requires ability to read Ophidian)3
Become Aligned to the Lunar Powers (requires ability to read Ophidian)2
Attempt to recreate Xanthicon2
Xanthian summoning book3
Favored foe2

Spending Coin

Merchants of the Margaritifer

Any basic good under 300gpRegular cost
Bobbit worm25 gp
Portable Peephole15 essence
Duredin’s Eye25 essence
Beholder eye7 essence
Grounding javelin50 gp
Swarmproof Suit40 gp
Map of the Lesser Noachis by R’an of Aimilus500 gp
Essence40 gp

Fontus’ Wares

Exceptional Asklepian Amoeba70 gp or 1 essence
Slime Bomb50 gp
Roombooze200 gp