Learning the Lesser Circle of Construction

  • note down Construction 0 as a new technique
  • allows creation of infused weapons and armor, and minor trinkets
  • gain proficiency in a set of crafting tools
  • can attempt to identify uses for resonant gemstones, monster organs, and other fixed essence

The very basics of the technique of Construction allow for minor feats of creation. Grander processes, more efficient workmanship, and the allure of the greater circles begins to call to you.

Infused Arms and Armor

With 25 essence, crafting tools, and two weeks work a practitioner of Construction can increase the supernatural potency of a set of armor or a weapon, granting them a +1 bonus. If the majority of the essence used is from a single element then this allows a greater effect.

  • Armor reduces damage by 3 from aligned elements
  • Weapons deal an additional 1 elemental damage of the aligned type


Given a week of work and 20 essence of a single type a protective amulet can be created. This grants a +1 bonus to saves

Essence TypeSave Bonus
DeathDeath Saves
Lawany save lacking proficiency