Fire dancing is a flowing martial art used by nomadic people who have taken this technique as their namesake.

Flow with Flame

With nimble steps and mystical attunement to fire the dancer takes their first practical step, being able to handle the flames without peril. Small mundane fires can be held easily, and in addition

  • reduce all fire damage taken by 5
  • take no damage from environmental fire hazards which you are able to totally move through in a single turn

Inner Fire

The dancer calls upon the fire that is present in their souls, drawing it forth on command.

  • Cast produce flame at will as a bonus action


The cornerstone of their abilities firedannce allows one to move from one flame to another. Stepping in to a fire at least as large as a campfire allows the user to step out of another nearby flame. Most dancers toss a flame as a destination, appearing to become a blazing ember that travels through the air. The destination fire must be within 5 paces and visible.

Attempting to use this on flames not under your control, or which are sudden in nature, is far more challenging at this level of mastery. As an example, to step through a hostile wizard’s fireball rather than be engulfed by it would require exceeding the save DC by at least 5.


The dancer is able to feel the presence of all fires within 20 paces. This allows them to dance to fires outside of their vision and at this greater distance as well.