Range: Voice
The caster commands the earth, inciting it to satiate itself upon the meager surface dwellers that foolishly rely upon its stability and forbearance.

Spell CheckEffect
1*Miscast, warping
2-9Spell fails
10-12Ground opens up in a 1 pace area, biting those standing above it. Deals 2d4 piercing damage Dexterity save reduces damage by half and avoids being restrained. Area becomes difficult terrain. Restrained characters can attempt a Strength save to escape.
13-15Area increases to 2 paces, damage increased to 2d6.
16-18Damage increased to 2d8, and earth continues to bite each round for a minute.
19-20Area increased to 4 paces, damage increased to 2d12.
21+The earth bites with a savage ferocity in a 6 pace area, dealing 2d20 damage. Saves against this spell are made at a -2, and the spell will continue for 10 minutes.