From the infinite blackness above descends a puppet controlled by fine threads of silk.

Patron Boons

She Who Lurks. Fateweaver. The Void Spider. Numerous titles have been ascribed to the vast presence which lurks in the blackness between the stars. Never seen, but always felt, the Void Spider communicates by delicately lowering a puppet; controlled by subtle threads that lead to the infinity above.

Although its mannequins are often amiable, sometimes even wryly comedic, the true motives of the creature above are as elusive as its origins. Often it seeks to inspire terror, exert control, or twist the workings of the Fates. The only consistent thread is the initial demand the creature makes; to attach a single silken tether to those who seek her patronage.

Spells Granted
The Void spider is able to offer spells for those who tug upon a thread and entreat its power. When cast this way the spells tend to manifest alongside near-invisible spider silk.

1 - alarm, silvery barbs
2 - darkness, hold person, rope trick, skywrite, web
3 - blink, conjure animals (spiders only)
4 - compulsion, black tentacles
5 - animate objects, dominate person, danse macabre

Web Sense
At 1st level you can maneuver through webs without great impediment, save for those woven by She Who Lurks herself. Additionally you can sense other creatures who are in contact with a thread or web that you are touching. This sense is somewhat inexact, similar to pinpointing a foe with sound alone, but with practice can become quite discerning.

Puppeteer’s Parry
Starting at 1st level those with a Void Spider thread can use it to briefly exert control over foes who attempt to strike them. When a melee attack misses you can use your reaction to toss the thread around your opponent to redirect their attack to another target. If they fail a Strength save against your spell DC the same attack is rolled at another target of your choice.

You may do this a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus each short rest. Victims rolling a natural 1 on their attack roll are not entitled to a save, and this does not count against your total number of uses.

Like the legendary phase spider you gain some aptitude for moving between the physical and ethereal planes at 6th level. As a bonus action shift from the Material to the Ethereal plane or vice versa. You may spend a total number of rounds in the Ethereal plane equal to your Charisma bonus between long rests. Exceeding this amount automatically forces you back to the Material plane and stuns you for a round.

Web of Fate
At 10th level, you can extend strands to nearby allies and enemies. This may be done either as a bonus action at a range of 60 ft, or as part of a successful melee attack. Each thread lasts 10 minutes, during which time you may nudge fate either for or against them. Whenever a creature makes an ability check, attack roll, or save, you may roll a d8 and either add or subtract this from the result. Once done the thread snaps. You may use this ability up to eight times between long rests.

Threads from Above
From 14th level onwards you gain an exceptional connection to that which lurks above. Allowing the Void Spider partial control, roll a second initiative. On each of these additional turns you are controlled by your patron. The strain of this effort causes you to loose one Hit Die, taking 5 damage instead if you have no remaining Hit Die.